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Clever Hacks To Ensure You Don’t Overspend On Your Christmas Decorations!


Yes, it’s the holiday season and you are in the highest of your celebration spirits.

But does that mean you’ve got to go nuts about shopping for the same?

Absolutely not!

But unfortunately, that’s something most of us end up doing no matter how hard we try to save! In fact, each time we go out shopping for the season, we end up spending a bit too much on the decorations alone!

If that’s what you are worried about right now, here are the best hacks to save on your Christmas decorations this year. Read on and save yourself from overspending!

Set a budget:

When it comes to saving money, a well-planned budget is your best friend! Having everything figured out beforehand helps get through the entire purchasing process in an expected manner. Budgeting out an amount you want to spend on holiday decorations will save you from overspending the decorations hurting the rest of your budget.

Shop online:

Shopping online for your Christmas decorations would not only help you explore a vast variety of decorating stuff but will also help discover tons of deals. Trust me, you’ll be saving more than what you may even think of!

Shop at thrift/dollar stores:

If you do not wish to shop online, you can opt for shopping at thrift/dollar stores. As a matter of fact, these stores are great for stocking up on some great stuff for super cheap! You can get anything and everything from decorative ornaments to gift wraps to light decorations and that too at unimaginable prices.

Help yourself:

The best way to save on your Christmas decorations is to get all creative! All you have to do is go through some Christmas decorations DIY tutorials on the internet, head to a nearby craft store, pick up the required stuff and explore your creative side.

Hope this helps and you save more than you ever thought of!

Source : Party Vapours


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Top Christmas Party Fails That May Be Way Too Embarrassing!

Most of you must have already received the Christmas party invitations from your boss by this time! Isn’t it?

Excited about the party?

Hope you don’t get carried away and commit these crimes at your office Christmas party: 

Dressing inappropriately:

A party is all about celebration and the atmosphere would be much different than your office. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and dress up like you are heading to a nightclub. Since all your seniors at the office will be a part of the party, so, make sure that you dress appropriately. It’s totally fine to take your dressing style up one notch, but don’t get to bold with it.

Getting too drunk:

People often get too carried away with the party spirit that they head to the open bar straight away. Don’t make this mistake. It’s obvious that you’ll be excited to drink with your colleagues but don’t head towards the bar unless you’ve eaten something. Drinking on an empty stomach may make you too drunk to be in your senses. It’s advisable to limit your intake or order a drink you don’t like so that you remain sober throughout the event.

Being too involved with your phones:

A majority of us have become social animals. We love checking in using Facebook, posting recent pics on Instagram and more. However, when it’s an office party, you literally need to give up texting, tweeting or Instagramming every now and then. Instead, try to give up your hesitation and meet your co-workers and seniors whom you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Gossipping, flirting and stuff:

Whatever the point in time is, keep it in your mind that you are at an office party. The party is going to come to an end at some point and you’ll be heading towards your workplace the very next day. So, avoid any gossips that may land you in trouble. Avoid dancing like a maniac and flirting with any of your colleagues. After all, you wouldn’t want everybody laughing at you the next day at the office, right?

Make sure you do not commit these crimes. Stay safe and enjoy!


Source : Party Vapours

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Mighty Super Foods That’ll Help You Achieve That Perfect Bridal Glow

Want to get that incredible bridal glow on your D-day?

Want to look impeccable in all your D-day stills?

Include these superfoods in your diet and see the magic!


Make it a point to include vegetables into your diet. No matter in whatever form you wish to have them, ensure that you keep a plenty of options available. The best way to make the most of these superfoods is to have them as salads with your meal. This will not only help achieve a smooth and supple skin, it will also ensure that you won’t overeat grains, hence helping you watch out your weight.



You can totally go nuts before your wedding! Just kidding! I mean, boost up your nut intake as they’ll provide you the necessary fiber, proteins, minerals, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Switch all the unhealthy options like pizza, burger, tacos, and stuff with these highly nutritious superfoods. Binge on almonds or raising or pistachios or walnuts or a mixture of all of them whenever you feel those bothersome hunger pangs at odd hours.



Each and every part of this fruit is full of nutrients. Pomegranate is great for keeping your Hb count in check. It further helps keep your skin smooth, supple and youthful due to the enormous amount of antioxidants present in it. Have the seeds as it is or drizzle them over your fruit or vegetable salad or you may even have fresh juice extracted from this amazing superfood.



You’ll be stressed due to the tedious wedding planning. You’ll need something to combat the aftereffects of this stress. That’s what the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon will help you with. Salmon, as a superfood will not only keep your skin youthful, it will also keep your hair and heart at their best. So, make sure you include it in your diet before the big day.



Do you know that your skin needs Lycopene to keep the harmful effects of UV rays at bay? And the best way to supply this essential nutrient to your body is to include tomatoes into your diet. You may add them to a salad or to your sandwich or simply grill them after you’ve drizzled a good amount of olive oil over them. Lycopene would not only help achieve that much needed bridal glow, it will also decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease.



Ever since our childhood, we are told advised to have carrots so as to keep our eyes in a perfect condition. Let me tell you, apart from keeping your eyes at their best, carrots impart a healthy glow to your skin. You can also consider including fruits such as oranges, peaches, berries, and melons to achieve that perfect glow.



It’s a no-brainer that water has the major contribution in a healthy looking skin. Make it a habit to stay hydrated throughout the day. Start your day with a glass lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and a few crushed mint leaves. If you feel you’ll not be able to sip on that boring plain water, make it interesting by adding cucumber slices, citrus fruit slices, mint or basil leaves. You can even sip on green tea as tea is the second thing after water that’ll fulfill your body’s liquid requirements!

Infused water
Infused water

What are you going to start with?


Source : Party Vapours

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All You Need To Acquire That Snow-White Smile On Your D-Day!


Firstly let’s make it clear: Why whitened teeth?

It’s no brainer that your D-day is the most special event of your life. You’ll be in your dream attire and accentuated with the best kind of accessories. You’ll be scanned by everyone present at the event. You’ll have the photographers and videographers around you, the entire day. Quite obvious, right?

How does that matter?

Well, even today, judgements based on physical appearance do exist! Also, you wouldn’t want your pale teeth top spoil all the candid moments caught on camera. Even if the photographers photo shop your images, videographers won’t be able to do that!

So, that’s why you need to go for teeth whitening, days before your wedding! Here’s all that can be done.

Follow a strict regime:

You can start the entire teeth whitening process at the comfort of your home by following a regime. Make it a habit to swish with some water and then brush your teeth lightly to remove residue.


Use a straw to sip on your favourite drinks:

It is advisable that you stop sipping on highly pigmented beverages like coffee, red wine and soda. However, if you can’t just do without them, you can have them using a straw. This technique will prevent them from coming into contact with your teeth and avoid any sort of staining.


Try teeth whitening at home:

You can whiten your teeth to attain that perfect wedding smile, at the comfort of your home. That’s possible with the help of whitening toothpastes, strips or trays. Teeth whitening toothpastes help create an illusion of whiter teeth and give immediate results. However, if you go for whitening strips, the teeth whitening process is rather a gradual one.


Visit a dentist:

Nothing can help you better than your dentist! If you want a fast, professional, snow-white smile, consider turning to your dentist. As a matter of fact, a single whitening session at the dental clinic can lighten your teeth by two to three shades. The process involves the application of a special whitening gel to your teeth and exposing it to a bleach-activating light for the best results.


It’s up to you which method you find the most suitable for yourself. Irrespective of your choice of teeth whitening procedure, you’re all set to have a snow-white smile at your D-day!


Source : Party Vapours

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Exotic Salad Recipes To Impress Your Guests At The Dinner Party Tonight!


Got a dinner party tonight?

Bored of those humdrum salad recipes that you are used to serving your guests?

Stress no more! Here’s a list of the most exotic, mouthwatering and filling salads that’ll help you earn those extra points tonight!


Layered Asian salad:

An exotic, eye pleasing and soul satisfying salad made with layers of vegetables, covered in a sweet and tangy homemade dressing. The salad is best served when chilled for 24 hours.


Corn salad:

All this sinfully tasty salad requires to be made is fresh corns, sweet dressing, colourful veggies and spicy jalapenos. The salad is low on calories and high on taste.


Beet and blue cheese salad:

You can make this sinfully tasty salad by simply slicing beets into small chunks, and then tossing them together with blue cheese, spinach and herbs.


Herbed cucumber and tomato salad:

Surprise your guests with this amazing concoction of grape tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion tossed together with feta cheese and fresh herbs.


Creamy potato salad:

This classic potato salad is sure to keep your guests longing for more tonight. The hearty salad is prepared using hard-cooked eggs, crisp celery and sweet pickles.


Asian pear salad:

Prepare this yummilicious salad by tossing together slices of crisp Asian pear fresh parsley, celery leaves and healthy bean sprouts.


Tomato and fruit salad:

A healthy treat for your guests! You can easily prepare it with heirloom tomatoes, baby heirloom tomatoes and sliced watermelon. Drizzle it with fresh basil dressing, red wine vinegar and grated ginger.


Broccoli salad:

Prepare this hearty salad by coating the broccoli in a mayonnaise-vinegar mixture. Thereafter, toss in diced bacon, onion, raisins and sunflower seeds and drizzle with herbs for that exaggerated taste.


So, get ready to woo all your guests with these lip smacking salad recipes. All your them are sure to ask for the recipes after the party!


Source : Party Vapours

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All That You Need To Detox Your Body After Partying Too Hard!


Parties are meant to take a break from the monotonous routine and refresh our mind and body. But we often get carried away with the zeal. Excess of alcohol and junk food results in a bloated and uneasy feeling body.

What can be done in such a situation?

Well, it’s time for a body detox! Let’s see how you can detox your body and get back into a healthy mood.


Drink herbal teas:

Herbal teas are said to be soothing and are effective in relaxing your tummy. They also help get rid of issues like indigestion and headaches. So, it’s advisable to sip on a cup of refreshing herbal tea. You may choose from a wide range of flavours like chamomile or fennel or mint!


Keep your body hydrated:

Alcohol is said to dehydrate the body. Also, all sort of food that we binge on at a party, whether sweet or salty, when munched on with alcohol causes bloating. In order to revert the after effects of this excessive intake, it’s advisable to start up your day with a glass or two of warm water. You can add lemon to your glass of warm water. It will not only make it interesting but will also help in flushing out the toxins in your body as lemon is said to be a natural diuretic and a gentle laxative. Further, fill up a bottle with lemon water and sip on it to keep yourself hydrated.


Make yourself a glass of banana milkshake:

Since a lot of healthy nutrients are drained away from your body due to alcohol intake, so, you need to consume foods that can make up for this loss. Banana is such a food that’ll help you with the same as it is rich in electrolytes, magnesium and potassium. So, preparing a banana milkshake with the sweetness of honey will help recover all your nutritional losses and keep your stomach calm.


Indulge into cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy refers to a localised or whole-body exposure to subzero temperatures. The process helps in decreasing any sort of inflammation and promotes overall health. It increases circulation and helps getting rid of that lousy, after party condition.


Sweat out the toxins:

Exercise is an unrivalled solution to all the health related problems. You may not at all be in the mood of getting out of bed after partying so hard but sweating all your toxins out of your body will help you feel much better. You may start with a brisk walking session and then progress on to cardio and other intense forms of exercises.


So, the next time when you are in that terrible hangover, you know how to make yourself feel better!


Source : Party Vapours

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Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Nail Paint For Tonight’s Party!


Getting all dolled up for a party tonight? So, what nail colour will you be wearing to the party? Confused? Let us help you.

Choosing a nail paint is so much more than making a choice! It involve a bit of research so that the nail paint actually enhances the beauty of your hands and doesn’t simply wash them away! Here are some tips to pick a shade that flatters your hands and raises the glam quotient! 

Consider your skin tone:

The very first thing to be considered while choosing a nail paint is your skin tone. As a matter of fact, fair skin tone looks best with lighter shades like pastel, peach or orange. Beauties with a medium skin tone should go for shades like blue, red, purple and other darker shades. When it comes to the dark skin tones, darkest shades like deep reads and berry tones of purple pop out and look absolutely vibrant with this skin tone.

Keep abreast with the latest trends:

You would obviously not want to look outdated at a party with all the divas discussing about fashion. So, make it a habit to check out what’s on the radar. Next, be careful about picking up a trend that best suits your style. Don’t just go gaga over a nail colour and wear it to look like a weirdo!

Go with the season:

Yes! The season! Making your choice compliment the time of the year is always a great idea. So, as the experts suggest try pastels during spring and dark shades during the winters. As far as the summers are concerned, get playful with the eye popping shades of bright and bold colours.

Choose a nail colour that compliments your outfit:

No! It doesn’t mean that you wear a nail paint that matches the colour of your outfit. It means, choose a nail paint that is in contrast with your outfit. It will help bring out the beauty of your nails in the best possible way!

Match it with your lipstick:

The rule of thumb is to paint your nails in a colour that’s similar to your lipstick. Even if you try to match your makeup and the nail paint shade, it will help you be the centre of attraction (in a good way)!

Hope all your confusion is cleared. Get going now!

Source : Party Vapours

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