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Best Baby Shower Themes For 2018



Birth of another child is a great occasion for having a party. In case you’re arranging a “Baby Shower”, we’ve chosen the best from our wonderful range of baby shower supplies. Here are few.

Hot Air Balloon Theme




Hot air balloons look charming in the baby shower theme and are one of the best options. We especially adore these hot air balloon hanging decorations and white pom poms (that look alike clouds).

Interesting Gender Reveal Party   




The next best baby shower theme is a gender reveal party. The fun of this baby shower theme is that nobody knows the gender of your baby, and you gather all your loved ones around for this lovely announcement.

Keep your guests guessing whether it’s a girl or a boy baby through shower supplies like you could give everyone “Team Boy” and “Team Girl” hats or glasses to wear according to what they think the baby will be!

Elephant Baby Decorations  




Another of our most lovable baby shower theme will be elephants! This lovable scope of Umbrellaphants party supplies blends blue and dark silverware and enhancements and can be made significantly more jazzy with blue and white fan adornments and pom poms.

Woodland Baby Shower 




Woodland is another one of our favorite themes – it’s cute, gender-neutral and baby woodland creatures mixed pastel colors make an absolutely adorable party theme. Take a look at our Woodland Baby party supplies for more inspiration for this theme.

Tiny Feet Baby Theme




Tiny Feet baby shower theme is an excellent way to welcome and cherish the sound of tiny feet. We particularly love the pram-shaped glass decorations from this precious stock.

Love In Bloom 




The theme is based on who shared their love for nature and flowers. The baby shower will be bright and bold in a vibrant palette of pinks, coral, and turquoise with mother’s favorite flowers. Floral themed details appeared throughout the shower in fun ways, like the flower headbands given to guests, edible flowers in the risotto, and place cards personalized for each individual with a flower related to their interests or background.



Source: Party Vapours


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Office Makeup Tips For A Perfect Look



Proficient and professional look in office is essential. It doesn’t mean barefaced tame looks. Strike the right balance with the following tips for the perfect look for the office. 

Basic rules for office makeup are:

(i) Makeup should be permanent so that you don’t need to brush up every now and then.

(ii) It should make you feel good and comfortable.

(iii) It should be tedious as you don’t have much time in the morning to prepare for office.

(iv) It should only accentuate your natural beauty.

v) Prefer light colors. Dark colors if not applied correctly tend to flash minor elements during daylight.

(vi) Avoid heavy makeup during summers. Keep it light as it will get smudged.

Start your day with a clean face- Apply a good quality cleanser and rinse your face first thing in the morning. Avoid hot showers as it will leave your skin dry and blistering; not the perfect backdrop for makeup.

Moisturizer: Makeup looks better on the fresh and hydrated skin, consider applying a non-greasy moisturizer with SPF-15 for best results.

Eyes are important- Keep your eye makeup simple yet charismatic. Line the lower lid with a kajal, choose neutral shades of black, grey or brown. Glitter eye shadow colors are a big no for office.

Cheeks– Prefer earthy gold tones for cheeks to look neutral in fluorescent lights. Pink shades are a big no for office makeup. Women with dark skin tone can consider browns, terracotta and maroon shades.

Beautify your lips- Apply a neutral shade of tinted lip gloss and keep the shade subtle. Fill in the lipstick with a brush to get the perfect finish. If you like applying lipstick, go for medium tones, such as brown, mochas or peach shades. Prevent using shimmer shades for lips.


Source: Party Vapours


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Planning a house party this weekend? Wondering how to make your party lively? If yes, then consider involving your guests in drinking games this weekend. Here’s a list of four insane drinking games that can actually make your house party an unforgettable experience for all your guests:

Flip cup:

This game is a true icebreaker. Flip Cup is a great way of making your guests feel comfortable in each other’s company. In this game, two teams compete against each other. The competitors stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Every team member must finish their drink and flip the cup with their fingers to an upside-down position before the next member begins. The team that completes first, wins the game.




Truth or shots:

This game is more like “Truth and dare”. The only difference is that the dares are limited to chugging down a glass of drink. The game is all about you and your friends answering all sorts of awkward and evil truth questions. The ones who refuse to answer must take a shot.




Most likely:

This is a funny drinking game. It starts with the entire group settling down in a circle and asking a ‘most likely’ question. For instance, “Who would be most likely to flirt throughout the party?” At a count of three everyone points at a person who they think would be most likely to do so. The person with the maximum number of votes must take as many shots as a punishment.




Word drinking game:

The game starts with a person picking a word as simple as “it” or “if”, that no one is allowed to say. Whoever says it has to drink. You can consider choosing words that people use in normal conversations so as to trap them into drinking!





Try these games to fuel up your next house party and you can obviously thank us later (winks)!


Source: Party Vapours


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It’s imperative for brides to have a desire of looking their best self on their big day. Since a bride is going to be the centre of attention for everybody present at the wedding, she needs to look the prettiest! Here is a list of the best facials that can help achieve the same:

Oil-based facials:

These facials involve the application of essential oils, such as almond oil, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, etc. that are extremely beneficial for your skin. Oil-based facials are meant for the brides-to-be with dry and dehydrated skin. A soothing facial massage with these essential oils is the best way to nourish and replenish your skin.



Mud-based facials:

Mud-based facials help deep cleanse your skin. These facials are the best choice for normal to combination skin type as they help to clarify and renew your skin cells, imparting a natural glow.



Gel-based facials:

Brides-to-be with oily skin should opt for gel-based facials. These facials make use of aloe vera or other soothing gels that help lower the oil and sebum production by the skin. The gel products used in these facials have cooling properties and help keep your skin hydrated when massaged gently onto your skin.



Fruit-based facials:

Fruit-based facials mostly use ingredients such as banana mash, papaya pulp, tomato, orange peels etc. These facials work best for sensitive skin. An ice pack is yet another option for the brides with sensitive skin as it closes all open pores, reduces any redness and cures inflammation so that you look great on your big day.



Chemical peel facials:

For the brides who have an acne prone skin, none of the above-mentioned facials can work as good chemical peel facials which incorporate some acids such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc. These acids have healing properties that soothe your skin. These facials, however, require you to consult a dermatologist first.



Steam facials:

Blackheads and whiteheads are too stubborn to be removed with the external application of skin soothing products. They require something more intense. This is where a steam facial comes into play. These facials help remove dirt, blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities so as to impart a natural glow to your skin.





So, these are some of the most beneficial facials that the “gonna be” brides can opt for a few months prior to their marriage so as to look impeccable on their D-day!



Source: Party Vapours


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If you are trying to grow your hair to get that perfect look for your BFF’s wedding, you have ended up at the right place. Here is a list of the best hair care tips to grow out your hair within no time:

Follow a healthy diet:

This is the very first step towards “Rapunzel-like hair”! Nothing can affect your body as much as your diet. Therefore, in order to keep your hair moisturized and healthy, it is mandatory to stay hydrated. It helps to eliminate toxins from your body and helps in hair growth. Also, including more fruits and vegetables in your diet helps strengthen your hair strands from the inside-out.




Wash your hair less often:

Try washing your hair less often. Avoid silicon-based shampoos as they can damage your hair. If you have oily hair, you can consider washing your hair every alternate day. The basic idea behind shampooing your hair less is to enable your scalp to balance itself out over time and stop producing much sebum.




Keep it loose:

Tying your hair tightly into a pony or a bun can weaken the follicles and lead to loss and breakage. So, consider opting for loose and low hairstyles that keep your hair relaxed, laid down and facilitate hair growth.




Go for head massages:

Head massages can soothe your scalp like nothing else. So, make it a habit of treating yourself to soothing head massage twice or thrice a week. A head massage is the best way to boost your circulation and nurture your hair so as to grow long, beautiful locks.




Protect your hair:

Sun exposure can make your hair dull and dry. It can weaken out your strands and hinder your hair growth. So, avoid leaving your hair uncovered when going out. Wear a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from the harsh effect of sun exposure.




Replace your cotton pillowcase:

You may be shocked to know that your cotton pillowcase tends to make your hair more prone to breakage, as cotton is a rough fabric. The damage caused by such a pillowcase can make your hair dull and frizzy. So, consider replacing cotton with a softer fabric.





Get your hair trimmed regularly:

We are not asking you to chop off your hair every month. Just snipping off the ends at regular intervals helps take care of split ends and helps your hair grow long and strong.





Follow these tips religiously and see the results yourself!


Source: Party Vapours


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A baby shower is a way to celebrate the joy of would-be parents. Would-be mother expresses the excitement of a new life blossoming within her. And the would-be- father shares his eagerness to hold that angel in his arms. The occasion is all about receiving blessings from elders and good wishes from friends and relatives. Since it is a special occasion, so, your gift needs to be special as well. Hence, we have accumulated a list of some smart and cutesy items that you can gift the would-be parents to boost up their zeal.

Cute dresses and booties:

This is the most common choice among all the baby shower gifts. You can gift a set of cute dress, booties, and accessories in cute pastel or soothing colors.



Traveling crib:

A traveling crib is basically a traveling bag that doubles up as a sleeper. It is lightweight, foldable and has many pockets to carry all that’s necessary for the babies, like, tissues, bibs, nappies, toys and much more.




Baby shusher:

It is one of the smartest baby shower gifts. It actually helps to shush the baby at times when the parents are caught up in something and are not able to carry their baby and shush him or her sleep. It uses the rhythmic movements to calm and shush the baby to sleep.



Baby co-sleeper:

It’s a cradle attached to the bed that ensures that the mum and baby are always in close proximity. With a co-sleeper baby can always be within parents’ reach.




Cute blankies and toys:

You can consider gifting blankies with soothing colors and cutest prints on a baby shower. Also, toys are something that is more of a necessity once a kid is born. So, soft toys are the way to go!



Battery operated nail trimmer

Unusual yet a useful thing to be gifted on a baby shower. It has cushioned pads that ensure that cutting the baby’s nail is safe and gentle. Since it operates on battery, so, it can also be controlled by the user.



Huggable pacifier:

Well, this is a modified version of the regular one where the pacifier is attached to a stuffed toy. So, it not only helps to soothe the baby, teething and weaning it but also helps him/ her to hold on to something as well.




This is yet another useful baby shower gift. It mimics the environment of the womb that the baby was in before the birth. Also, a woombie keeps the babies warm and helps them to develop a healthy sleep pattern.





So? What do you plan to gift?


Source: Party Vapours

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All the wedding preparations start a long time before the special occasion. Apart from preparing for the important things in advance, there’s one thing you definitely can’t give a miss. Wondering what’s that? Well, it’s looking after your glowing skin before the big day! We have curated the best of all tips to get that smooth, impeccable and glowing skin:

Deep cleansing facials:

Most of the brides face acne and skin discoloration from the sun in their early 20s. In order to curb this problem and look flawless on the wedding day, deep-cleaning facials are the way to go. Consider having these facials done once a month, starting about 6 months before marriage can help prep the skin.





Moisturization helps make your skin smooth and supple. Thus, applying a good moisturizer each day, at least twice, over your face and all over your body can help nourish your skin. Do not miss out the areas that are excessively dry, like elbows, knees, etc.




Clean up your makeup brushes:

It is advisable to keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean so as to avoid acne-causing bacteria buildup on them. Consider washing them with shampoo. Thereafter, rinse and hang them to air-dry with the bristles facing down so that you do not spoil their structure.




Eat healthily:

Whatever you eat is more effective than what you apply to your skin. So, add foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and folate content in order to keep your skin supple, hair healthy and your nails strong. Include salmon, pistachios, cinnamon, turmeric, dark chocolate, peppermint, beetroot, brown rice and other such foods packed with antioxidants that add a glow to the skin.




Keep yourself hydrated:

Having plenty of water, at least 8 glasses of water each day helps keep all skin diseases at bay. Also, having fruits such as watermelon, grapefruit etc is beneficial when trying to achieve a glowing skin. The basic idea is to keep the body hydrated.





You can further benefit your skin from a few essential supplements like a good multi-vitamin, Co-Q10, Omega-3 etc can help fasten the benefits of a healthy diet. These supplements can help boost metabolic efficiency and, improve heart health. They are also beneficial for your eyes, brain, skin and your overall health.





Last but not the least, sleep well. You need to know that none of the above-mentioned beauty treatments will work on the skin unless you have a good 8 hours sleep every night. So, consider having a good 7 to 8 hours sleep for that unmatched radiance!





Start employing these tips asap so as to get the est results before your D-day!


Source: Party Vapours

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