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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends Everyone’s Crushing On!


The moment we hear the word” engagement”, the very first thought in our mind is an elegant, intricately designed engagement ring. Since you will be flaunting in social media, it becomes quite a tedious task to choose an eye-catching design. This calls for a thorough research about to choose something that’s totally on point in the trend meter.  You’ll be rocking your engagement ring for the next coming decades, so, you need to make sure that it shows off your style and personality. Let’s have a look at the latest trends in engagement ring designs:



Halos have been in vogue for quite some time now. This style of engagement rings has a row of sparkling gems that draws attention to the beauty of your center stone and makes it look bigger. The latest trend introduces cushion cuts with halo settings where their rounded edges and the halo setting- lets the ring appear bigger.



This trend involves a simple engagement ring set with a diamond set band and then a stack of other bands to go with it. These bands may or may not be matching but have something in common.  This style basically consists of an optional halo that you can insert around the solitaire to make it even more stunning.


Light champagne diamonds:

Instead, of the large white diamonds, it’s the beauty of large champagne diamonds that taking people by awe. Lighter champagne diamond set in either rose or white gold is the hottest trend at present.


Colored diamonds:

Apart from light champagne diamonds, engagement rings with pink, blue, yellow, green or even black diamonds are becoming pretty popular. Rings with either a single colored diamond or the ones with two or more colors are being loved by all.


Intertwined bands:

Intertwined bands are said to signify the romantic bond of love. This stunning design represents two lives coming together and becoming one. These engagement rings may have a subtle twist or an intertwining band.



Source: Party Vapours

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