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How To Plan An Awesome Beach Party?


Nothing says summer like an awesome beach party, complete with drinks and beats. Though beach parties are fun but throwing one is quite a pesky task. However, if done right, it can be the most memorable experience of your life. In this article, we have mentioned the best tips to keep in mind when throwing a beach party:

 Know the rules:

First and the foremost rule of throwing a beach party is knowing each and every detail about the beach where you’ve decided of partying. As a matter of fact, some beaches have rules about late night parties, regulations about bonfires, and restrictions on alcohol. You need to do this much before your beach party so that if you need a permit to make a bonfire at the beach, you can get it ahead of your party so that you don’t screw up your beach event.



The basic preps:

Make arrangements for the party well in advance. Arrange a long folding table so as to layout the party delicacies. Also arrange basic necessities of a beach party like beach umbrellas, sunscreen bottles, bug repellents, folding chairs etc. You can even ask your guests to carry their own towels, blankets or whatever they wish to so that they can use it comfortably.




Deciding the party menu is fun and confusing at the same time. So, what you can do is pick a theme for the party so as to build foods around. You can also ask all your friends to get different recipes for the party. Fruit salads, sandwiches, cookies etc are the best food items for a perfect beach party.




The very first drink that you are supposed to carry to your beach party location is water. Carry plenty of water bottles so as to make sure that none of your party guests become dehydrated. Thereafter you can ask for suggestions from your guests as to what drinks they would prefer. Apart from the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, make provisions for carrying ice so as to keep your drinks cool.




It won’t be wrong to say that beach parties are what MP3 players and wireless speakers were invented for! Stuff your playlist with a lot of upbeat music so as to light up the mood of your guests. Thereafter get everyone dancing at the party with those speakers and high beats.




You can plan for beach activities like volleyball, mini golf, beach frisbee, beach bowling and a lot more. This will keep your guests entertained throughout the beach party.




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