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Latest Trends In Party Decor That You Need To Know



So, you’ve got a party coming up next week and you’re still hooked up with the decoration part! Stress no more, we are here to help you with the same. Here, we’ve listed the latest trends in party decoration that can’t be missed out:

 Elegant textured linens:

This is the hottest trend in party decor today!  Linens such as velvet and silk chiffon are being used to add that elegance factor to a party. Textured linens such as plush velvet fabrics make a statement and impart an exceptional elegance to a party.  Moreover, if you want an effortless and classy decor at the same time, you can opt for chiffon linens.




Hanging decorations:

Hanging decorations are becoming have become extremely popular these days. Garlands, flags, streamers, banners, bunting and other such decorative items have evolved over time and are loved by many. The best choice for making such decorations is patterned paper and sprinkles. Also, string lights add to the beauty of hanging decorations.




Decorative paper tableware:

Gone are the days when people opted for expensive chinaware for brunch. The latest trend suggests using decorative tableware made out of paper so as to tie in a party theme and to make the after party scene less shabby. Apart from being inexpensive and easy to handle, it can be well coordinated with the color around which you’ve wrapped up your entire party decor.



The balloon fever:

Statement balloons, balloon garlands, organic balloon arches- these are some of the enticing forms of an eye- catching party decor using balloons. You can easily create a fabulous party backdrop so as to make a statement and click those ever so trendy pics.





With the majority of the population turning tech savvy these days, incorporating technology into party decoration is a cool idea. You can opt for party projections or set up a clever photo booth with hashtags so as to add that tech factor to your party. Transforming all your guests’ smartphones into a microphone for a karaoke session using Crowd Mic is yet another cool example of involving technology into your party.





Be it the laser cut signage or the one using crayons and markers, calligraphy never goes out of vogue. This is an evergreen trend in party decor that is here to stay.




Source: Party Vapours

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