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Top 6 Things Not To Be Worn To A Wedding!


So, it’s your best friend’s wedding and you are super excited. You have all your ensembles stocked up for all of the ceremonies. Everything from your dress to accessories to footwear is gorgeous! But are you sure you are not going all out for her wedding sartorially? Read on to know what you need to avoid wearing to a wedding:

Dress according to the theme:

In the case of theme weddings,  the invitation cards would state the dress code for the event. Now, it is your duty not to spoil the fun by neglecting the decided theme. Make sure that you do not turn up for the event in whatever best you have. Wearing a dress as per the wedding theme is a way of showing respect for the couple on their big day.




Avoid black and white:

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid wearing these two colors to a wedding. In case, you have no other option, make sure your accessories are bright colored.




No casuals:

It’s your friend’s wedding and you may want to feel comfortable. No matter how casual the wedding is, make sure that you avoid wearing stuff like jeans, trainers or tracksuits. Don’t even think of attending the wedding in jeans and a T-shirt.




No flip- flops:

Strictly avoid wearing footwear as effortless as a pair of flip-flops. Instead, opt for pumps, heels, flats, loafers and sandals.




Avoid wearing skimpy dresses:

Outfits such as hot pants, super-short minis, and other such skimpy dresses would make you an attention seeker at a wedding! Since there will be guests other than you including the happy couple’s family and colleagues, so you need to be a bit careful with what you wear.  Honestly, it’s not the time for that “I don’t care what people think of me” attitude! You’ll just be spoiling the fun, that’s it!




No tiaras:

No bride would like to share the limelight on her wedding. However, if you wear crowns, ornamental headbands or anything else that could be mistaken for a tiara can actually do that! This would not only leave the bride fuming with anger but would also make you look ridiculous.




Source: Party Vapours

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