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Here’s How You Can Make Your Mehendi Ceremony Unforgettable!



Pre-wedding ceremonies hold a great significance in Indian weddings as they mark the beginning of a new phase in a couple’s life. All these ceremonies are more of festivities where all the family members, friends, and relatives gather and enjoy. Mehendi ceremony is one of those pre-wedding ceremonies that’s full of fun, entertainment, delicacies and much more. You can add up to the excitement of the occasion with these activities or games so as to make it a memorable experience:

Paper dance:

This is quite an exciting game. It starts with the interested guests forming pairs and each pair is given a piece of paper. They have to place the paper on the floor and dance on it till the music is being played. Once the music stops, they have to step aside and fold the paper and then dance again as the music plays. The procedure is repeated until the maximum number of folds is reached. The pair that dances without stepping out of the available space is declared the winner.





This is an age old game that is commonly played at mehendi parties. All you have to do is pitch the groups against each other.  This game can keep your guests engaged and allow them to open up.





Since celebrations are all about having fun and making memories, so, setting up a photobooth is a great way of making it an unforgettable experience for all your guests. They can actually get clicked within unique, interesting frame setups and carry those pictures away as favors.




Eating competitions:

This is yet another way of keeping your guests engaged. You can have eating competitions so as to make your guests have fun. What you choose as a means of competition is totally up to you. It can be anything like sweets or golgappas or anything that entices people to compete.




Pass the ball:

The game is supposed to be played with music. Each time one gets out can be asked to dance or sing or anything that the bride/ groom wants him/her to do.




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