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7 Delicacies To Get Your Cocktail Party Rolling!



Cocktail parties usually last for 2-3 hours with the guests chatting and grazing in different corners at the party. Since the party does not last long, so, only snacks or appetizers are served at the party. When you know what to serve so as to complement your cocktails and get those extra points, you are good to go! Have a look at the appetizer ideas we’ve cumulated so as to make your party a success!

Jacket potatoes:

Tiny potatoes baked and served with a little-soured cream and chives, sprinkled with coarse sea salt make up for an amazing cocktail party appetizer.




Babycorn satay:

This simple snack is made by blanching, marinating and then grilling baby corns on skewers. Thereafter, these grilled delicacies are served along with spicy and nutty peanut sauce.




Pecans and baked Brie:

This is a tempting delicacy made with Brie cheese. All you need to do is bake a whole Brie wheel and drizzle some maple syrup at its centre and pecans all over. This one is for the guests with a sweet tooth!




Bell pepper slices with cheese:

This simple party snack explodes into a variety of tastes as soon as your guests place it in their mouth. As far as the recipe is concerned, it is made by simply cutting some slices of colorful bell peppers and then filling them with a cream cheese mixture. A concoction of pineapple cubes and almonds is added for that extra crunch.




Basil chicken cups:

You can compliment your signature cocktail with this mouthwatering wrap. It is made up by rolling a mix of minced chicken, fresh basil and red chillies in fresh lettuce greens.




Cheese straws:

Serve the basic twisted cheese straws with a layer of pesto and soft cream cheese to impress your guests and make their taste palettes long for more.




Cheese balls:

This is one of the most loved party snacks that is extremely easy to make. You can even buy ready-made cheese balls and serve them with a dip of your choice.




Try these mouthwatering recipes to experience that explosion of tastes at your next party!


Source: Party Vapours

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