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5 Hottest Birthday Cake Trends You’ll Go Crazy About!



When we talk about parties, birthday parties are the most common of all. And a thing that’s common in every birthday party is gooey, spongy, beautifully decorated cake! In fact, a birthday is incomplete without one, isn’t it? As far as the trends related to cakes are concerned, you can see a number of them trending every now and then. Here’s a list of the latest birthday cake trends:

Chocolate drip cakes:

These cakes are covered in buttercream, fully frosted and then finished with a layer of chocolate or caramel ganache. These cakes are called chocolate drip cakes as the finishing is more in the form of dripping such that the ganache is drizzled over it in such a way that it appears to drip down the cake.  It adds up to the taste and texture of the birthday cake.



Mirror glaze cakes:

These cakes take the art of cake decoration to an entirely new level. Simple cakes are covered in a glaze and hence called mirror glazed cakes. The glaze covering the cake is so smooth and shiny that one can actually see his/ her reflection in the cake itself.



OTT cakes:

Here OTT stands for over the top. An OTT cake is a way of adding all sorts of delicious things to your cake so as to feast your eyes. These delicious things may include anything from cookies to chocolate bars tp macarons to whatever you may feel like!



Isomalt cakes:

Isomalt is a sugar substitute, a type of sugar alcohol that once cooked and melted, can be poured into moulds and shaped as per requirement. Thereafter, it can be colored with edible colors and used for decorating the birthday cakes in the most magical ways.



Ombre cakes:

Ombre is the most beautiful of all trends. Ombre cakes ae decorated in graduating shades of a single color. For this, you require graduating both your sponges and icing in a shade from light to dark and then stack them for a mesmerising structure.




Source: Party Vapours

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