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Wedding Photography: Differentiating Fiction From Facts!

Wedding photography is amongst the most loved professions these days. The profession has gained insane popularity over all these years and as a result lead to the generation of numerous myths related to it. Now, if you are all set to take your nuptial vows anytime soon, you need to differentiate facts from fiction. That’s what we are here to help you with, in this article:

Wedding photography costs way too much (unnecessarily):

It’s true that wedding photographers have to charge higher rates than what the other photographers charge. However, what they charge is not unfair. That is because wedding photography is not just a few hours job. The wedding photographers may have to spend 14-16 hours on feet depending on when the wedding begins and ends. Once the wedding is over, a large amount of time goes into the preparation, backing-up the files, editing the images and a lot more.


Anyone with a good camera can be your wedding photographer:

Just because your BFF just bought the latest DSLR in market does not mean he can cover up the whole event using his photography skills. You need to know that there’s a huge difference between a professional wedding photographer and a casual amateur who just bought the latest camera gear. Your BFF’s DSLR may no doubt give you some amazing pictures but for those impeccable clicks that you’ll be cherishing throughout your life, you should go for a professional wedding photographer.


Wedding photography is all about having fun:

There’s a common perception that wedding photography is more of fun and less of serious work. NO! It’s nothing like that. It’s more about resisting all the temptations of enjoying at the wedding, dancing to the latest dance numbers, mingling with the strangers around and what not! It’s all about being professional amidst a joyous atmosphere because the photographer has taken a paid assignment and it’s his responsibility to capture each and every moment that’s precious to the couple-to-be.


Wedding photography is a part time job:

A wedding photographer’s job is not over once the wedding is over! In fact it’s just a 50% completion of his job. The rest of the job has to be done once the occasion is over. He has to spend days or even weeks working retouching the photos so as to meet the customers’ expectations and once it’s all done, it’s time to hunt for a new assignment. This includes marketing of one’s own photography, garnering new assignments, setting up appointments and so on!


So, if you are one of those who thought wedding photography is just for fun, we hope all your myths are debunked after reading this.

Source : Party Vapours

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