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Foods That’ll Make You Feel Full And Energetic On Your D-Day!


Are you gonna be a bride anytime soon? Well, then you need to know this! You are going to feel a number of emotions simultaneously. As the day starts, all your appointments are going to be done. Your designer, hair stylist and make up artist are going to keep you busy. All this hassle may or may not allow you have your meals. But do you know, skipping a meal on such an important day may show up on your face and eventually on all your wedding photographs. You would not want all this to happen, for sure, isn’t it?


Skipping meals is not a good thing but a busy day may not allow you do that. So, you’ll have to rely on power packed foods that will help you stay energetic for a long time. Here’s a list of the best foods to binge on :


Who doesn’t love sandwiches? Grab two or three of them before you walk down the aisle. Fill them with cheese or green leafy salad or cream or anything that you love. Sandwiches are a package of all the important nutrients you’ll need to stay up and going on your D-day.


Fruits and salad:

A bowl full of colourful combination of sweet and tangy fruits like strawberries, raspberries, apples, pomegranate or a concoction of your favorite kind of salads is a perfect solution to wake you up in the morning and stay energetic the whole day. Its a healthy way of keeping your immunity at its best throughout the day.


Protein shakes:

In case you do not feel like eating anything, protein shake is the best option for you. Packed with loads of protein, these shakes will keep you full for longer times.



Since eggs are a great source of protein, they help maintain a steady blood sugar level whole day long. Get yourself a dish of scrambled eggs or omelette or simply boiled eggs to give yourself that instant boost of energy.



Just like proteins and carbohydrates, fiber also helps you stay energetic for a long time. Oatmeal is the best way to pamper yourself with the needed nutrients. It contains soluble fiber that slows down the absorption of glucose from food in your stomach and maintains the blood-sugar levels in your body.


Water and citrus drinks:

It’s very important to stay hydrated in order to look picture perfect and avoid dull skin. So keep sipping on water and citrus fruits throughout the day.


Follow these tips and you are all set to rock your D-day like a boss!

Source : Party Vapours

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