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Crazy Food Games To Get All Your Guests Rolling At Your Next Party!


Food games at your house party this weekend?

Hell yeah! What else would a foodie want?

Food games can actually set the mood at your party and them all rolling over with laughter! These games are not only entertaining but also make up for some hilarious Instagram and Snap chat stories! Here are the best games that you can try this weekend:

Blindfold food testing:

This is quite an interesting game to keep your guests entertained. All you have to do is blindfold your guests and have them taste sample foods like pickles, jams, peanut butter, coffee powder, chocolate syrup and so on. Thereafter, they have to guess those food items and the one who gets the most answers right wins the game.

Spin the bottle:

This game resembles the ‘Truth and dare’, the only difference being there are only dares. Basically, a number of tricky food items are placed on a table, in a circular manner and a bottle is spun in the middle. When the bottle stops at a certain food item, the player has to gulp it don.

Whipping cream:

This one’s a messy yet fun game to play. All your guests are going to get a good facial done at the end of this game. What you have to do is- fill a few paper plates or bowls with cream and place some cookies, marshmallows and gems in each of them. Everyone who participates has to munch on the goodies inside the whipped cream without using their hands. The one who finishes first, wins.

Fruit surgery:

Divide the guests into a number of teams with each team having two-three players. Thereafter, provide each team with a fruit item that has been cut up into pieces. Give them needles, threads, toothpicks, stapler, tape and other such stuff so that they can reshape those pieces back into a fruit within a given time span. The team that does it in the best possible way wins.

Egg roulette:

This is yet another messy food game that’ll get you rolling. You’ll have to place some hard boiled eggs and a raw one in a bowl full of water. The game starts with all the participants sitting in a circle. They then take an egg out of the bowl, one by one. On a count of three everybody smashes the egg against their forehead. Now the one with the raw egg gets drenched in egg yolk and looses the game.

Aren’t these games just too exciting and fun? So, which one would you like to play with your friends this weekend?

Source : Party Vapours

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