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All That Makes Up For Your Bridal Emergency Eliminator Squad!


It’s no brainer that wedding day is the most special day of a bride’s life. Every woman has this urge of making it a perfect one. But you never know what may ruin all those intense efforts and when that happens, it would be no use crying over the spilt milk. So, it’s better to be prepared all the possible blunders well in time. Here’s all that you’ll need to do that.


No matter how hard your hair stylist tries to keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day, you should be prepared for the unexpected. After all, you wouldn’t want to look like a frizzball on the most special day of your life! So, make sure that you keep enough bobby pins, a hair spray and a comb to keep your strands in place.


A heavily embellished wedding attire or anxiety or weather conditions, anything may cause your makeup to wash away with those beads of sweat. Better be prepared than ruin your wedding photographs! Toss in a face mist, lip balm, lipstick, blotting paper, kohl, make up remover, compact, blush and a mirror for those touch ups from time to time.


The beauty of your hands adorned with mehendi or nail art will be captured in most of the wedding pictures. Don’t leave any chance for chipped nails or spoiled nail paint to ruin your wedding stills. Make sure you put a nail paint (the shade that you’ll be wearing) in your emergency kit.

Arms and legs:

Keep a razor handy to remove those hairy patches that your salon attendant missed out. Also, include a body lotion in your kit to keep your arms, legs and other important areas away from dullness.


Hunger may strike any minute and when that happens, you wouldn’t want your tummy growling like crazy. So, put some chocolates, protein bars, waffles and other such delights that can keep you feeling full without messing up your makeup. Most importantly, carry a water bottle and straws to quench your thirst whenever you feel like.


Hygiene comes first, so, make sure that you have some breath mints, your favorite deodorant, hand sanitizer, wet tissues, toothpicks, extra undergarments and tampons even if you know you’re done with those days. You never know how stress may affect you!

First aid:

The overwhelming emotions on your D-day may make you feel unwell. Be prepared for everything that may go wrong. Keep some pain killers, eno, allergy medicines, bandage and an antiseptic in your bridal emergency kit.


Now this one’s not at all to be missed out. The fact that anything can go wrong on your special day is sad but real. But as they say, prevention is better than cure! Be ready to kick away all the last minute blunders with your smartphone and a power bank just in case you miss out on any of the arrangements or necessities, rectify it by keeping these handy.


All’s not done! How can you forget wardrobe malfunction and stuff? Though it’s the last thing you would want to occur but there’s a probability that it might! So, do not forget to include safety pins, needle and thread, buttons, double sided tape, super glue and scissors in your kit. Also, if you’ve opted for a white shaded attire, include a white chalk in your emergency eliminator squad for that instant stain vanish!

Now that you know what’s not to be missed out on, get your own emergency eliminator squad ready!


Source : Party Vapours

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