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Put An End To Your Hunger Pangs With These Mess Free Munchies


It takes hours of patience and hard work to acquire that drop dead gorgeous look for your D-day. But what if you start getting those hunger cramps while you are getting dolled up? You obviously wouldn’t want all your patience smudge away with those eatables. Also, staying hungry is not an option! Don’t worry, here’s a list of the best fuss free finger foods to pop into your mouth without messing your makeup!


Watermelon and ricotta salad:

This salad is a concoction of sweet and salty flavors. The juicy watermelon chunks satisfy your sweet tooth and provide enough hydration while the ricotta salata adds a salty punch. You can even top the salad with chopped nuts for that extra crunch!


Cauliflower in clarified butter:

This crunchy snack is power packed and keeps you feeling full for a longer time. It consists of cauliflower, clarified butter, activated charcoal and goji berries.


Spiced nuts:

Prepare a concoction of your favorite nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and whatever you like and dust them with magical spices just the way you want. This crunchy, nutty and power packed mixture will help you eradicate your hunger pangs in fractions of seconds.


Fried chickpeas:

You can easily pop these tasty little chickpeas packed with protein. These healthy munchies are delicious and easy to pop into your mouth without messing up your lipstick.


Squash and Parmesan mini quiches:

This yummy bite sized snack can be gobbled up without messing up your wedding attire or makeup. It is made up of quiches mixed with a few eggs, Parmesan cheese and some exotic herbs.


Mini doughnuts:

Got a sweet tooth, no worries, you can binge on these miniature, glazed doughnuts to your content.


Potato cakes:

These crisp and delicious potato cakes are addictive enough to keep you longing for more. They taste even more fabulous with a dollop of sour cream.


So, now that you know what to binge upon when getting ready for the most special day of your life, which one would you choose to shoo away your hunger pangs?


Source : Party Vapours

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