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Cool Halloween Party Games To Try This Year!


Halloween is all about carrying the age old traditions a year ahead and revisiting your memory lane. It’s all about living your childhood days once again. Well, folks, Halloween is almost here! Time to get nostalgic and throw a spooky party for your friends! Get ready to scare your friends and take your Halloween party to an entire new level with these games this year.

Costume contest:

This game best suits a theme based Halloween party. You can send out party invites to all your friends, specifying that they’ll have to turn up as a scary character for a costume contest at your party. When your guests show up, hand them scorecards and markers and ask them to keep a track of whose costumes they like the most in various categories. You can go for categories like best couple, best scary character male/female, cutest scary character and so on. Collect all the scorecards at the end of the party and award the winners.


Mummy wrap:

An interesting and fun game to be played at the party. The game starts with the guests forming pairs. Each pair is then given a roll of toilet paper. One person from each pair has to spin around the other turning them into a mummy. The pair that finishes it first, wins.


Monster mash freeze dance:

This game is quite entertaining not only for those who are a part of it but also for the ones who sit aside, drinking and watching the performers. All you have to do is gather all the participants on the dance floor. All of them are then supposed to dance as the music starts. As soon as the music stops, they have to stop moving. The one who does that till the end wins.


 Scary story competition:

A scary story competition is the best way to keep all your guests entertained and keep the essence of a Halloween party alive. You can arrange for an outdoor setup with a campfire, drinks and eatables and a bit of those spooky decorations. Now make all your guests settle down in a circular fashion and start narrating the scariest stories that they know. The story that’s voted the scariest of all wins.


Halloween mystery box:

Your guests are going to love this game. You’ll need to create some mystery boxes and fill them with random Halloween objects like fake eyeballs, toes, fingers, ears and more. Ask your friends to come up and then blindfold them. Thereafter, ask them to put their hand inside the box and identify the objects placed inside. The one who identifies most of the objects is the winner.


We hope all these games will help you have a great time at your Halloween party this year!


Source : Party Vapours

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