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Exotic Salad Recipes To Impress Your Guests At The Dinner Party Tonight!


Got a dinner party tonight?

Bored of those humdrum salad recipes that you are used to serving your guests?

Stress no more! Here’s a list of the most exotic, mouthwatering and filling salads that’ll help you earn those extra points tonight!


Layered Asian salad:

An exotic, eye pleasing and soul satisfying salad made with layers of vegetables, covered in a sweet and tangy homemade dressing. The salad is best served when chilled for 24 hours.


Corn salad:

All this sinfully tasty salad requires to be made is fresh corns, sweet dressing, colourful veggies and spicy jalapenos. The salad is low on calories and high on taste.


Beet and blue cheese salad:

You can make this sinfully tasty salad by simply slicing beets into small chunks, and then tossing them together with blue cheese, spinach and herbs.


Herbed cucumber and tomato salad:

Surprise your guests with this amazing concoction of grape tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion tossed together with feta cheese and fresh herbs.


Creamy potato salad:

This classic potato salad is sure to keep your guests longing for more tonight. The hearty salad is prepared using hard-cooked eggs, crisp celery and sweet pickles.


Asian pear salad:

Prepare this yummilicious salad by tossing together slices of crisp Asian pear fresh parsley, celery leaves and healthy bean sprouts.


Tomato and fruit salad:

A healthy treat for your guests! You can easily prepare it with heirloom tomatoes, baby heirloom tomatoes and sliced watermelon. Drizzle it with fresh basil dressing, red wine vinegar and grated ginger.


Broccoli salad:

Prepare this hearty salad by coating the broccoli in a mayonnaise-vinegar mixture. Thereafter, toss in diced bacon, onion, raisins and sunflower seeds and drizzle with herbs for that exaggerated taste.


So, get ready to woo all your guests with these lip smacking salad recipes. All your them are sure to ask for the recipes after the party!


Source : Party Vapours

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