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Top Christmas Party Fails That May Be Way Too Embarrassing!

Most of you must have already received the Christmas party invitations from your boss by this time! Isn’t it?

Excited about the party?

Hope you don’t get carried away and commit these crimes at your office Christmas party: 

Dressing inappropriately:

A party is all about celebration and the atmosphere would be much different than your office. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and dress up like you are heading to a nightclub. Since all your seniors at the office will be a part of the party, so, make sure that you dress appropriately. It’s totally fine to take your dressing style up one notch, but don’t get to bold with it.

Getting too drunk:

People often get too carried away with the party spirit that they head to the open bar straight away. Don’t make this mistake. It’s obvious that you’ll be excited to drink with your colleagues but don’t head towards the bar unless you’ve eaten something. Drinking on an empty stomach may make you too drunk to be in your senses. It’s advisable to limit your intake or order a drink you don’t like so that you remain sober throughout the event.

Being too involved with your phones:

A majority of us have become social animals. We love checking in using Facebook, posting recent pics on Instagram and more. However, when it’s an office party, you literally need to give up texting, tweeting or Instagramming every now and then. Instead, try to give up your hesitation and meet your co-workers and seniors whom you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Gossipping, flirting and stuff:

Whatever the point in time is, keep it in your mind that you are at an office party. The party is going to come to an end at some point and you’ll be heading towards your workplace the very next day. So, avoid any gossips that may land you in trouble. Avoid dancing like a maniac and flirting with any of your colleagues. After all, you wouldn’t want everybody laughing at you the next day at the office, right?

Make sure you do not commit these crimes. Stay safe and enjoy!


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