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Your Ultimate Guide To A Perfect Dreamy Beach Wedding!

Do you dream of getting married to the love of your life in a breathtaking island paradise?

Have you always been fascinated by the idea of taking the wedding vows close to mother nature?

Are you a typically romantic soul?

Well, then a beach wedding is your kind of a thing!

It’s a no-brainer that the beaches are romantic settings. They can be the perfect wedding backdrops, without you requiring to spend a penny on the wedding decor! The entire idea of a dusky wedding on a serene beach is just too amazing, isn’t it?

But, for a fact, nothing comes easy! Especially when it comes to a heaven-like beach wedding,  there is a lot to consider to put up a great ceremony. Though beach weddings are beautiful, heartfelt affairs with beautiful natural backdrops but they require intense planning to be successful!

Here are the coolest hacks to make your dream beach wedding a success:

Hire a wedding planner:

It’s all about playing safe!

When you have a professional wedding planner to guide you, you can simply eliminate all the hassle related to the wedding planning. Everything from finding the perfect venue to contacting vendors, to setting up, and coordinating the entire affair would become so much easy and stressfree if you hire an efficient wedding planner.

So, consider indulging in a thorough research and find the best suitable wedding coordinator to make your D-day a success!

Start the venue search well on time:

You may have a dream destination for your dreamy beach wedding or you may simply have a number of options shortlisted over time. What you need to know in the very first place is that deciding on a perfect one can be time-consuming and even overwhelming.

This further implies that you need to start your search well in advance and take time to learn about the typical weather for your particular destination.

Consider how busy the beach will be:

Once you’ve decided the venue for your romantic beach wedding, take a note of how busy the beach will be on the desired date.

As a matter of fact, public beaches are the busiest on bank holidays and weekends. If you do not mind people strolling on the beach while you take the vows at a particular location on the same beach you may proceed with the wedding planning. However, if you want to avoid all the chaos and rather want your D-day to be an intimate affair, you can search for a private beach or a seaside resort that’ll allow you an uninterrupted wedding.

Know the best time to get married:

When we talk about a beach wedding, all we can picture is a breezy affair. A calm and serene atmosphere surrounding the couple taking vows.

But, it’s not at all the way it seems to be!

If you fail to learn about the best times to get married at a beach, you may actually end up ruining the most special day of your life. For a fact, the best time to get married at a beach is in the morning. The low tide time is the best to avoid the roaring ocean noises while sunset is the best time to get the most magical beach wedding pictures.

You obviously wouldn’t want your ceremony start time to be engulfed by the ocean. Also, having guests washed away to sea is a super bummer. So, make sure that you adjust your wedding timings accordingly and keep the ceremony as short as possible. Also, ensure that you check the seasonality of rain and get familiar with the local ocean tide table.

Pick a theme and weave your invitations around it:

You can make your D-day a fun affair by picking up a unique theme and planning the entire affair around it.

You may opt for a theme-sailing or a Hawaiian/tropical theme so as to spice up the affair! Not only will a great theme help make your wedding an extraordinary affair, it’ll be remembered by your guests for life!

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can then do some research on creative and affordable ideas for your invitations. Let your invitation reflect your style and help your guests to get a glimpse of everything they should expect from the dreamy affair.

Get familiar with the beach laws:

Most beaches around the globe have some rules and regulations tied to them. For instance, some beaches prohibit alcohol consumption while others prohibit bonfires.

No matter whatever location you pick for your wedding, it’s your first and foremost duty to get familiar with the local rules and regulations. So, make sure that you check with the local government to see what regulations they have regarding events and gatherings.

Make arrangements for amplification:

The wedding stills from a beach wedding may look magical. They may give out an idea as to how calmly the entire ceremony would have taken place.

But do you know the entire atmosphere is far too noisy?

Yes! there’s a lot of background noise between all the winds and waves. So, it’s advisable that you arrange for microphones and a good sound system for the ceremony. Also, make sure that the microphones are covered with windscreens so as to be clearly audible to all your guests.

Further, make arrangements for electrical power, generator, and proper amp circuit requirements for entertainment purposes as well.

Make your guests feel comfortable:

You wouldn’t want your best friend, who traveled all the way from foreign to attend your marriage, to return back to bad memories, right?

So, make sure you make your bestie and all your guests feel comfortable at your wedding. Start with a shoe check, where guests can swap their shoes for flip-flops so that they do not have to spend the entire day in shoes filled with hot sand! You can further provide portable washbasins, benches, and towels so that they can wipe sand off their feet.

Make sure you inform everyone to bring sunglasses along so that they do not have to face the harsh glare of the sun. You can further ease out the entire thing by creating a canopy to cover the seating area. Lastly, don’t forget to provide insect repellents to keep all those creepy bugs at bay.

As far as your old grandma is concerned, make it a joyous affair for her by considering flooring or temporary decking for them to walk on. After all, she had been waiting for it for so long!

Take those extra precautions:

When you decide to get married on a private beach, you have all the arrangements done in the right manner.

But when you choose a public beach, things are different. You have to put little extra efforts. You need to find out if there are bathrooms. If not then you should probably hire an upscale portable lavatory for a few hours so that your guests do not face any difficulty.

Be mindful of your attire and makeup:

As a matter of fact, not all dresses and fabrics work for a beach wedding.

When it comes to beach wedding attire, you should rather opt for an airy sheath or other light fabrics like sheer silks and chiffons. These fabrics not only allow for enough air movement, they also help you look drop-dead gorgeous.

Coming to hair and makeup, it’s advisable to use waterproof makeup so that it doesn’t smudge away on a harsh sunny day. Opt for cream based eyeshadows, blushes and more. Lastly, consider an updo rather than just letting your hair down as it’s always breezy by the seaside. However, if you still wish to let your locks down,  ensure that you have the most amazing hair products in place so as to look gorgeous all day long.

Make way for those sassy heels:

It’s a great idea to have a barefoot beach wedding but not every bride would give up her gorgeous heels for a beautiful beach wedding!

So, the best solution is to bury a wooden walkway that leads to the ceremony under the sand. This way, you can still have a magnificent seaside wedding wearing those killer beauties!

Get working with your wedding photographer:

Your wedding will be a day-long affair but the memories will be lifelong. Why not capture the best possible moments?

For that, you’ll need to coordinate with your photographer or wedding planner. You’ll have to know the best times to get the most beautiful D-day stills. For a fact, sunsets are the most amazing times to click the best kind of pictures!

You can even head out with your wedding photographer before the big day and experiment with the photography at different times. This will help you know the best times as well as strike the best poses on the final day!

Make the reception a cozy affair: 

If you wish to party all night, remember that the temperature often drops on or near the beach.

So, if you want your guests to burn the floor all night, make sure that you keep them in the highest of spirits. Make sure that you arrange for snuggly blankets or pashminas for your guests to wrap up in. Also, make arrangements for comfortable footwear for the dancefloor!

Be wise with the wedding decor:

You don’t really need to spend on wedding decor when you are getting married on the beach as you’ll already have the best of mother nature’s offerings to decorate the surroundings!

Still, if you wish to go ahead with the decorations, you can incorporate fun beach-themed items in your decor. You may use starfish, sea glass, sand dollars and flowers with colors that pop against the sand. You can consider putting up a chuppah or wedding canopy. For the best decoration results, do it in sections so the breeze can blow through it.

Make sure that your flower decoration is made up of orchids, chrysanthemums, and others that stay fresh for a longer time! Avoid using tall centerpieces as the beach wind would probably blow them away. Lastly, consider weighing down the centerpieces with some heavy items.

Food and drinks:

If there’s anything that your guests will secretly be delighted about the most, it’s your wedding menu. So, make sure it impresses them and they remember how your wedding treat tasted, that too for months (wink)!

It’s better to opt for a fondant cake as it would stay longer in the heat. Strictly avoid the ones that contain buttercream or cream cheese.

Consider adding drinks with fresh citrus bases and herbs to your wedding menu so as to keep your guests feeling refreshed during the entire ceremony. As far as the food is concerned, you have a variety of options to offer to your guests. You may add items like baked and grilled meals, garden salads and exotic seafood to make your D-day a delicious affair!


Just like you rehearsed for those school skits over and over again in order to perform your best, consider rehearsing for the most special day of your life.

You ask us why?

Well, it goes without saying, it will help ease out the things further. In fact, if you rehearse at the same time as the planned ceremony, you’ll actually be able to confirm the tidal movement and indicate the best position and angles for the ceremony sun-wise.

Be prepared for the worst:

No matter how efficiently you’ve planned your wedding, the big day is always prone to mishaps.

Sad but true!

Especially when it’s a beach wedding, the probability of things going wrong is higher than usual. It may either be the rain or the wind that makes things unbearable. We can’t just deny the fact that weather is unpredictable so it’s best to always have a foul-weather option.

In other words, be ready with a plan B. Make indoor arrangements so that the things do not mess up even if the weather betrays you!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to enjoy! After all, beaches have always been related to the peace of mind and that’s exactly what you want yourself and everyone else to experience at your D-day!

Source : Party Vapours

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