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Myths Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Stop Believing Right Away!

So, you’ve booked a breathtaking venue for your wedding, hired the best designer and makeup artist in town, chosen the best-suited catering service and even suggested your choice of the bridesmaid dresses.

But what about the wedding photographer?

Your wedding will be a few days long affair but the stills captured would remain with you for life. All those candid moments would be treasured for life so that you can live all those moments over and over again, each time you open your wedding album. You would want to have the best of them, won’t you?

But what if the things do not end up the way you expected them to?

It’s a fact sweety! All your wedding memories may simply be ruined for life if you fall a prey to the ever so famous wedding photography myths! Here are the top myths that every wedding photographer seriously wants you to stop believing right away!

Myth #1: I can book the wedding photographer once everything else is done!:

Well, if that’s what you think, you are probably going to end up regretting your decision.

The reason?

The best designers, caterers, decorators and most importantly, photographers in the industry are booked faster than you realize. Booking your wedding photographer well in time is as important as booking your wedding venue. So, make sure that you book for the most suitable wedding photography service well in advance. This will not only help you take advantage of the finest professionals but also help enjoy the best rates (wink)!

Myth #2: Wedding photography costs way too much (unnecessarily):

It’s true that wedding photographers have to charge higher rates than what the other photographers charge. However, what they charge is not unfair. That is because wedding photography is not just a few hours job.

The wedding photographers may have to spend 14-16 hours on feet depending on when the wedding begins and ends. Once the wedding is over, a large amount of time goes into the preparation, backing-up the files, editing the images and a lot more.

Myth #3: I don’t need any recommendations, research will do just fine:

You’ll probably open up your laptop and start browsing for the best wedding services right away. After all, those search engines have it all. Whether you search for the best jewelers in town or the best car rentals, you’ll get a number of suggestions as soon as you hit the search button!

But is your research enough to come to a conclusion?

Look, when it’s about the most important day of your life, it’s always better to look out for suggestions from those who have already experienced it. Though a thorough research may help you find out a photographer who can provide everything that you desire in your mentioned budget, an advice based on a similar experience wouldn’t harm you. It will only help ease out the decision making process.

Myth #4: Wedding photography is all about having fun:

There’s a common perception that wedding photography is more of fun and less of serious work.

NO! It’s nothing like that.

Wedding photography is more about resisting all the temptations of enjoying at the wedding, dancing to the latest dance numbers, mingling with the strangers around and what not! It’s all about being professional amidst a joyous atmosphere because the photographer has taken a paid assignment and it’s his responsibility to capture each and every moment that’s precious to the couple-to-be.

is is a taboo myth that deserves explaining. It’s important to understand that every genre of photography has its particular demands and characteristics, much like every musical instrument is played differently.

Myth #5: A breathtaking wedding venue is enough to get those perfect clicks:

I don’t deny the fact that a mesmerizing venue is a must for a memorable wedding experience. But believing that it’s the only criteria you need to fulfill for getting stunning wedding clicks is not what you should be doing.

You ask us why?

Well, a skilled wedding photographer wouldn’t depend on the wedding venue. He/she can provide you with the best wedding shots even if you get clicked on a basic background. All that your wedding photographer needs to make subjects look wonderful is a good lighting!

Myth #6: Anyone with a good camera can be your wedding photographer:

Just because your BFF just bought the latest DSLR in the market does not mean he can cover up the whole event using his photography skills. You need to know that there’s a huge difference between a professional wedding photographer and a casual amateur who just bought the latest camera gear.

Your BFF’s DSLR may no doubt give you some amazing pictures but for those impeccable clicks that you’ll be cherishing, throughout your life, you should go for a professional wedding photographer.

Myth #7: Wedding photography is a part-time job:

A wedding photographer’s job is not over once the wedding is over! In fact, it’s just a 50% completion of his job. The rest of the job has to be done once the occasion is over. He has to spend days or even weeks working retouching the photos so as to meet the customers’ expectations.

This doesn’t end here! Once it’s all done, it’s time to hunt for a new assignment. This includes marketing of one’s own photography, garnering new assignments, setting up appointments and so on!

Myth #8: We’ll be done with the group shots within seconds:

That’s yet another stupid myth that your wedding photographer would want you to stop believing right away!

Things that seem easier may not really be that easy. That’s exactly what happens when it’s time to pose for some group shots at the wedding.  In fact, group shots take much longer than you can imagine.

The reason?

Well, that’s because while you are in a group, you’ve to coordinate with a bunch of people to get that perfect click. Also, more people means more suggestions which further means more efforts in getting everyone do what you’d like them to do. So, it’s advisable to set aside plenty of time for group shots rather than ruining everything up and then blaming it on your “skilled” photographer!

Myth #9: You need to shortlist and hand over a list of poses to the photographer:

The professional wedding photographers out there have their own style of working. All of them are unique in the way they capture the special moments in people’s lives. Moreover, they’ve been there in this line for years now. They know what’ll work for you and what wouldn’t. All thanks for their expertise!

So, when you decide to shortlist some of the sassiest weddings poses for your D-day from different sites and magazines, remember, you are wasting your time on an absolutely unnecessary step! You are, in a way, hindering your wedding photographer’s creativity.

So, instead of handing out a long list of poses, you should rather prepare a list your family groupings and any special details you have. It’s better to trust your wedding photographer and let him/her do what’s the best for you!

Myth #10: A wedding photographer who masters photoshop is the best choice:

Don’t you wish your wedding photographer to keep it as real as possible?

Won’t you love to feel all those chills and live all those moments every time you take a walk down the memory lane?

Wouldn’t it be cool to treasure your authentic wedding memories for life in their best possible version?

Well, if that’s not really what you long for, you may hire a wedding photographer with the craziest photoshopping skills. However, if you wish to keep it real, it’s better to search for a true wedding photographer who has been trained in the art of photography and really knows the craft.

Photoshop has undoubtedly changed a lot in the world of photography but the professionals relying on it can’t really provide what’s real! So, it’s better you hire someone who can capture the most amazing pictures and not someone needs to correct all of their mistakes on a computer.

Myth #11: Two mediocre wedding photographers are better than a single, expensive one:

Now, that’s something crazy!

No, seriously! It’s like wasting your money. Your wedding- the most important and the most special day of your life is not the time to skimp on quality.

You may believe that hiring two mediocre photographers may help you save money and get more photographs than what you would be getting if you hire a single, expensive wedding photographer. But, think over it, is it really the right time to choose quantity over quality?

Well, if you ask me, my answer would be a big “NO”!

Wondering what makes me say that?

Well, that’s certainly because I wouldn’t want to regret later! So, it’s better to focus on the talent and portfolio of the photographer you are considering.

Myth #13: It’s mandatory to visit the venue with your wedding photographer:

Again a plain and useless myth!

As mentioned earlier, it’s not only the venue that’s responsible for the good or bad quality of your wedding photographs. Visiting your wedding venue along with the hired photographer won’t help.

Wondering why?

Well, the everything from climate to the light conditions that you witness at your wedding today may not be the same when you visit it tomorrow at the same time. In other words, you can’t just be sure about the plans that you make regarding your wedding photographs!

There are instances where the wedding photographer may want to visit the wedding venue and in that case, you may happily take him/her to the respective destination. But believing that it’s mandatory to visit the venue so as to assure the quality of your wedding stills is totally useless.

Like I already mentioned above, the quality of the photographs is determined more by the quality of the light at the time of shooting than the location. So, you can instead try and focus on the timing of your photo shoot so as to help your photographer get the best shots from your D-day!

Myth #14: All wedding photojournalists refuse to take formal portraits:

The photojournalists love to keep it real. They are better off letting the moments come out naturally rather them directing them. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t take any group or portrait shots.

Okay, there may be some of them who strictly refuse to shoot formal portraits for you but not all are the same. In fact, they are more than happy to do formal shots as well. The only condition they are most likely to put forward is that the session will be shorter than you may expect it to be.

Myth #15: Wedding photographers are good photographers:

More than a myth, this is a generalization that every wedding photographer is subjected to! All thanks to our (humans’) tendency to generalize things as per our convenience.

Now, that’s something that your wedding photographer wouldn’t be liking at all! That’s because a good wedding photographer doesn’t need to be good at anything else.

Expecting a wedding photographer to be good at some other form of photography is futile. Someone who is passionate about shooting emotions and all those candid moments one can only encounter at a wedding cannot be expected to shoot sports or a fashion event! Same is the case if you expect a sports or a fashion photographer to shoot a wedding!

It’s all about the expertise in a single domain! So, it’s better to keep your expectations up their oi your head and let your wedding photographer do what he believes and what you should try to understand, he/she is good at doing!

Now, that you know what all is a myth and what all is a reality, it’s better you get rid of all that every wedding photographer secretly wishes you to stop believing asap! This will not only help you hire the best wedding photographer for your D-day, it’ll also help you gather the best memories of the most special day of your life! So, rise above all these tacky myths and hunt for the best person to shoot your wedding!

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