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Clever Strategies To Save Money On Your Wedding Card

Your wedding card is more of a sneak peek into the most special day of your life. It should reflect your personality and set clear expectations so that the guests know what all they should be prepared for at your D-day. So, it’s imperative that you provide all the important details related to your wedding in the most creative way possible.

However, it may come as a surprise but out of all the wedding planning elements, your wedding invites are the biggest budget wreckers. The cost incurred on getting your wedding cards printed and distributed can actually come out as a shocker to most of the couples.

Now, whether they admit or not, deep in their hearts, every couple wishes to save money on their wedding planning. Whether it is the wedding venue or the invitations or the cocktails, they strive hard to get the best value for their money. However, wedding card alone can burn a hole in your pocket.

So, is there no way out?

Well, if you ask us, you surely have a number of ways to save a lot of money on your wedding invitations. If you know the best of strategies to cut costs on your wedding invites, you are pretty well-sorted out. Here are some of the most effective hacks that can help you save a lot on your wedding card:

Leverage technology: 

People today have grown tech savvy. This can in a way be used as an advantage. You can opt for email invites, thus saving a whopping amount on your wedding invitation! Go paperless and try email-invitation creating tools like  Paperless Post, Evite, or Pingg. The biggest advantage of opting for these invites is that most of them allow you to send an invitation and field RSVPs without a single stamp!

A wedding website is yet another option to save on your wedding card expenses. Leverage the power of technology and assemble all your wedding information on a website, solely dedicated to your wedding.

Take time to accumulate all the information that you wish to convey to your guests. Once you’ve decided what all to put on your wedding website, you may simply display it on your website. Apart from providing all the necessary wedding details, you can also do RSVPs, and information cards through the site.

Plan ahead:

In case, you do not wish to go paperless, you’ll need to plan differently. As I mentioned above, your wedding invitation can actually be a budget wrecker. That happens if you do not plan well in advance.

No, seriously!

Wedding stationery turns out to be the most expensive when it’s a last-minute purchase. So, it’s imperative that you plan everything from the first save-the-date all the way to the last thank you card well in advance. Conduct a thorough research as to which stationary choices would best suit your budget and provide the best value for your money. This would not only help discover the best options but also enable you to take an advantage of bulk printing discounts as well as reduced shipping costs.

Go for cheaper wedding stationery: 

Before you head out to place your wedding stationery order, consider indulging in research related to all the stuff you’ll be seeing there. Discover the cheaper wedding stationery options that’ll look as great as the costly ones.

Typically, handmade, imported, and cotton-rag options tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, stuff like partially recycled domestic paper would cost you much less than you can even imagine.

No doubt those glittery,  fancy wedding invitations are too enticing! But they’ll ramp up your expenditure and you’ll have to shrink your budget for other aspects of your wedding planning. You obviously don’t want to land up in such a situation, isn’t it?

Opt for offset or digital printing techniques: 

Not many know that printing techniques such as traditional letterpress or others that require intensive labor are costlier than the offset and digital ones. In fact, these printing techniques run less than half the cost of labor-intensive techniques like letterpress and engraving.

So, apart from the stationary that’ll be used in making your wedding invitation, be wise in choosing the printing technique as well. If you really want to save a considerable amount of money on your wedding invitation, consider techniques such as thermography, which provides almost same printing for much less than traditional letterpress. You can even consider opting for laser printing which is yet another inexpensive and fast printing technique.

Avoid sending one invitation per person:

It’s a no-brainer that a lot of the people you invite to your wedding will be part of a couple or family. Now, this gives you another chance to save on your wedding invites.

Wondering how?

Well, instead of sending one wedding card per person, you can send out one invitation per family. Just sit down and take time to go through your guest list. Carefully calculate how many households there are instead of how many guests and then decide on the further distribution of cards.

Make sure to proofread your wedding card:

Imagine you were asked to check your wedding card details for the last time before giving it out for printing. You were in a hurry, so you just scanned the whole thing and nodded your head in “Okay”!

Now, after a week, when finally all your wedding invitations have arrived, you open up one of them, while you take a sip of your green tea. All of a sudden, you come across a blunder on your wedding card. You are so alarmed to see you would be wife’s name spelled wrong that you almost choke on your coffee! More than that, you grow pale knowing that all your money went down the drain as you’ll have to get another set of wedding cards printed all over again!

Shocking but true!

That’s what happens if you do not proofread your wedding card details a trillion times before giving it out to the printing press. So, make sure that you do not miss out on any grammatical or other errors before your cards are out to print. In fact, make it a point to have some of your grammar-loving friends to help you out with the same. Remember, if you’re careless, you’ll have to pay double to rectify your mistake.

Pitch personalization: 

You may wish to personalize your wedding invitations for all your guests. But sweetie, I regret to tell you that it’s not going to help you save your money.

Sad but true!

As a matter of fact, wedding stationery printed with everyone’s names and personalized details can simply boost up the costs irrespective of how fancy they look. So, it’s better to opt for stationery that provides you an option to write the details for yourself. Not only will this help reduce the overall cost but also make your guests feel special as you’ll be taking time to personally jot down the details.

Try and keep the details as concise as possible:

When you wish to save, you have to try and figure out everything that can be compromised. When it comes to your wedding card, there’s a lot that you can do without. For instance, you can eliminate that extra reception card by including the reception information directly in your main invitation.

The basic idea here is to do your best to keep your wedding information as concise as possible. Eliminating the extra additions to your wedding card will not only help you save money, it will also make it easy for your guests to keep track of your wedding details. You can further add to their convenience and your savings by combining additional details like hotel accommodations and directions on to one enclosure card.

Print more cards than you require:

What rubbish!

That’s probably what you might be thinking, right?

Let me first explain and then you decide whether it’s the right thing to do or not. It may sound extraneous to order more wedding cards than what you need when you are actually trying to save money but the truth is, it’s actually going to help you save money.

Wondering how?

Well, even if you plan in advance, you may still miss out on some of the names on your wedding guest list. Or it’s possible that you may think of inviting someone whom you were not considered at first but changed your mind now. Also, since we humans tend to make a lot of mistakes, so you may even end up writing the wrong addresses on some of your invitations. Now, in any of these cases, you may simply need to reprint a certain number of wedding invitations. But do you know that costs of reprinting, rush charges, and even ordering invitations in small batches will cost you far more than what you’ll be charged to get some extra wedding invitations printed when you’ve ordered them in bulk!

So, it’s advisable to order a little extra than what you require just to ensure that you do not end up at the printing press because you ran out of your wedding cards!

Switch to postcard style “Save-the-date” cards:

You ask me why?

Well, it’s a no-brainer that postcards do not require any envelopes. So, when you opt for envelope wedding cards, you don’t have to pay for envelopes as you don’t get any!

So, if you do not have any problem in trying something other than what’s mainstream, you may opt for these postcard wedding invites. In fact, postcards can be more creative and fun than your classic invitations due to their uniqueness!

Avoid choosing square envelopes:

When most of your wedding cards need to be sent through the post, it’s very important to pay special attention to the weight and shape of the cards!

Yes, apart from the weight of your wedding invites, it’s the shape of their envelope that’ll account for your postal expenditure. Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but the square envelopes cost more to mail than rectangular ones.

The reason?

They don’t fit through the postal machines. Also, they need to be hand- stamped. So, it’s better to stick to the standard envelope dimensions and stay away from the square shaped ones no matter how fancy they look! After all, you wish to save and not to overspend, right?

Consider writing and stamping your invites yourself:

As a matter of fact, most of the printing shops can mail your invitations for you. They can further customize the guest and return addresses. However, this comes at an additional cost.

The reason?

Well, that’s because most printers hand-stamp each wedding card. This is a time-consuming and highly labor-intensive process. But you can avoid this additional cost by stamping your invites yourself and handwriting each address.

Additional tips:

You don’t really have to provide the food information on your wedding card. Nor do you need to provide driving instructions unless your wedding venue is too difficult to be found out on one’s own.

What makes me say that?

Well, almost all of your guests will be carrying their smartphones and that highly efficacious device is enough to help them navigate to the venue. Just provide the post-code and you are all sorted out. Condensing your wedding card will help save a huge amount of money that you can use for other, more crucial tasks.

Or you can even hire a freelance wedding card designer/printer if you are open to experiments.

All these strategies have been tried and tested and have been proven to be extremely helpful. These tips have helped millions of couples around the globe and can be equally beneficial for you as well. By following these tips, not only will you save yourselves a lot of your hard-earned money, you’ll also avoid some common wedding invitation headaches. You can leverage these tactics to make the most out of your investment and thank us later (wink)!

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