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Top Mistakes People Make When Hunting For The Best Catering Services!

Weddings all over the world are about pomp and show, lavishness, bride’s dress and jewelry, and of course, the variety and quality of food items. Now if any of these lacks in excellence, it may cause a lot of embarrassment.

Specifically talking about the food, it may simply spoil the entire wedding experience for your guests if it does not live up to their expectations.

And do you know what causes this blunder?

All of the reasons listed below:

Not setting a budget:

Letting your vision of the perfect event dictate the food and beverage menus may simply burn holes in your pocket! Not having a fixed budget for your wedding menu may simply create a hassle. You may simply end up spending more than what’s actually needed!

So, it’s better to first sit and draft a guest list. Thereafter,  decide how much you are willing to spend on servers and refreshments before you get into a discussion with any of the caterers start making phone calls. This will sort the things out so that you approach the caterers with all the required information and he/she can offer suggestions within the established guidelines.

Being enticed by catering services that demand less:

As a matter of fact, the catering services that have recently stepped into the market are the ones to offer the lowest packages. It’s natural for you to get carried away with such offers of getting more for less money. But think about it- do you want untrained people to be catering your wedding?

Yet most of the times, we end up committing a few blunders that ruin the occasion.FYI, you require a fully professional catering team to put up a great event. Everything from the transport and setup of equipment to the preparation of serving lines can be handled well by a team that is committed to professionalism which comes only through an appropriate training.

So, it’s better to go for a catering service that has a team of individuals efficaciously trained in culinary and logistical skills.

Not including service staff in your budget:

This is yet another common mistake that people make while booking a caterer for their wedding. As a matter of fact, the bartenders, meat carvers, wait staff are needed to make your party go smoothly.

Since most caterers charge for service staff, so, it’s better to set aside a certain amount in your budget for the service staff. Ignoring these services won’t do you any good, so, it’s better to negotiate and include the services in your budget. 

Accepting a verbal contract:

This one is not just a mistake but a crime!

The reason?

Well, that’s because a verbal agreement increases the probability of mistakes and misunderstandings. So, once you’ve decided which caterer to go with, you ask him/her to draft a contract. It should include all the details such as the menu, expenses, responsibilities, and terms of service.

Avoiding these mistakes can save the couples from wedding catering blunders and make their D-day a lot more memorable!

Source : Party Vapours

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