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The Hottest Makeup Trends That’ll Be Massive In 2018!


Are you one of those who loves keeping up with the latest makeup trends?

Are you looking for some makeup inspiration for 2018?

Curious to know what’s in for the beauty game this year?

If yes, brace yourself!

Here’s a list of the top makeup trends that were seen at the major fashion events this year.


Upside-down liner:

For all the ladies out there who think that “winged eyeliner” is never gonna happen, this technique will satisfy your souls!

With someone having little or no makeup skills, this technique is the best way to include a pop of color to your face in a go. Simply pick up an eyeshadow or a liner of a color that goes with your outfit and line your bottom lashline and you are done!



The black-magic:

Oh no! Don’t take the words that seriously!

All I mean to say here is that black will remain one of the most prominent colors when it comes to eye makeup. In fact, it will be bolder and better than ever.

According to the latest makeup trends, black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn in 2018. So, apply it thickly, apply it boldly and that too along both your lashlines. Go for dramatic or graphic designs.



2018 is all about plum and cherry lips:

Various rich, inky shades of plum and cherry are what you should be coating your lips with, this year.

Also, matte lip shades are back in action. Other colors that you can opt for are red, orange and fuchsia.



Gold highlighter:

RiRi introduced this trend to the world.

Initially what seemed to be an unusual trend that could only be pulled off by the pop singer has become an infectious trend today!

So, a pure gold highlighter that you should be swiping across your face to achieve an out of the world look at a friend’s party.



Feather brows:

Sounds crazy, right?

But the trend has already driven a major percentage of the population crazy. You can come across a number of makeup tutorials, showing how to get those natural, bushy, feathery eyebrow.

Try this trend if you wish to give your eyebrows a nice lift!



Red highlighter:

Guess what’s the next big thing in 2018?

The daring red highlighter!

Yes! This unusual trend is supposed to be a great hit among the women around the globe. The entire credit goes to the versatility of the product as it works with every skin tone.



Blue eye makeup:

This makeup trend from the 80s is back with a bang!

Blue, my friend, is the color of the year when you talk about eye makeup.  So, go all bubbly with blue eye makeup. Sweep your eyelids with any shade of blue or simply line it with a blue eyeliner and you are all set to rock!



Glossy skin:

This is yet another major makeup trend that’ll rock throughout 2018. As a matter of fact, this trend was spotted at most of the prominent fashion shows of 2018. fashion shows.

Makeup artist James Kaliardos went on to state that glossy skin and eyes are “the next generation of highlight.”



So, beauties, are you ready to rock 2018 with these ultimate makeup trends?


Source: Party Vapours