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The Most Creative Ways To Save On Your Wedding Decorations!



Every couple in this whole wide world wishes their wedding to be memorable. They long for perfection and that too for as reasonable a price as they can get! There’s a pressure to choose the best and amaze everyone.

Strange but true!

When it comes to wedding decorations, no matter it’s a typical pomp and show type of a wedding or a sober gathering of the near and dear ones, the entire setup has to look impeccable, isn’t it?

Now, as stated earlier, saving is desired by everyone. Just like food and attire and makeup, the couples can save big on wedding decorations as well. Wondering how?

Well, it can be possible if the couples turn into arts and crafts aficionados!

Here are the best ways to do the same:


Use gilded balloons for decoration:

No matter how underrated it is, the liquid gold leaf can make just about anything look glamorous.

And when I say anything, I literally mean anything- as simple as a balloon!

So, try inculcating bunches of gilded balloons in your wedding decoration just to add that sparkle to the entire place.



Guide your guests with DIY signboards:

It often gets quite messy during the D-day. So, the guests find it quite difficult to locate particular places.

However, if you give your guests a bit of direction, the entire scene will be hassle-free. You can do this with the help of homemade sign that point them in the right direction. Apart from guiding all your wedding guests, these signboards make up for great wedding decor stuff!



Create your own garlands:

This one is for the couples who love greenery.

You can create beautiful garlands using any kind of hardy greenery. Thereafter, you can turn every corner of your wedding venue into a blossoming paradise by draping them or hanging them at appropriate places!



Create some kids-friendly decor for your little guests:

Whether you admit it or not, kids do get bored at weddings. They need something to keep themselves entertained. So, why not give them something to be excited about?

Make some DIY colorful pinwheels for your little guests. You can even consider placing some of these in mason jars so as to add that pop of color and creativity to the tables!



Consider making some hula hoop chandeliers:

Now, if you are planning to have a rustic wedding, a hula hoop chandelier is a necessity.

Get into your creative mode and make these beautiful hula hoop chandeliers to light up the ceremony or the reception after dark.



Stack up your wedding favors as wedding decor:

What do the ladies in your house make the best?

Do they make the best tangy mango pickle? Do they whip up the best tamarind paste?

Well, you know that the best. All I know is, you can pack up all such delicious stuff in the best possible way and then stack it up on one of the display tables!



Make a crazy and funky background for pictures:

Lately, you must have seen people posing against creative backgrounds at weddings. These photo booths provide the coolest clicks at a wedding, don’t they?

Well, you can create your own! Let your love for art sore high and get as creative as you can. You may think of anything from multi-hued kites to paper umbrellas to quirky fashion to something as shown below!




So? Ready to let your “art ninja” go all crazy and save big on your wedding decor?


Source: Party Vapours

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