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Party Trends 2018: Know What’s Hot And What’s Not!



Who doesn’t love partying with friends and having crazy times, good food and dancing their worries off? And in this era dominated by social media, you just can’t help but follow the latest trends to have the newest and best experiences!

Talking specifically about the parties, you’ll be seeing a number of crazy party trends this year just like 2017!

Are you ready to uncover the best ones?

Here you go:


Nature inspired backdrops:

According to the party planners around the globe, nature-inspired backdrops are in.

Greenery is going to be one of the essentials of party decorations this year. Backdrops inspired by various plants, natural greenery, and flowers are predicted to be seen at almost all kind of parties.



Statement balloons:

Balloons have been a part of celebrations since eternity and that’s what they’ll continue to be. Balloons are never going to go out of trend. In fact, the balloon manufacturers are getting more and more creative with each passing year and we have lost count of the varieties we have seen over all these years.

So, be it number balloons or letter balloons or statement balloons, these cute, air-filled babies are gonna be in the party decor game for long.



Comfort food:

If you plan to throw a party anytime soon and are stuck with the party menu, “comfort food” is the way to go!

No, seriously!

Gone are the days when parties used to be about elegant appetizers. 2018, my friend, is going to be all about simple and nostalgic food items like milkshakes, sweet potato fries and so on.




You must be thinking: What has minimalism got to do with a party?

Well, that’s how it is!

As per the latest party trends, 2018 will be more about “minimalism”. Now, if you are someone who religiously follows the latest trends, be it a fashion or accessories or party, here’s a tip.  Go minimal!

Yes, switch those glitzy decor ideas with subtle, lustrous accents. Think of ghost chairs, ornaments, cocktail and menu stands.



Digital-based photobooths:

One particular party trend that’s going to drive everyone crazy in 2018 is this digital-based photobooth trend.

It’s a no-brainer that almost everyone uses social media these days. When it comes to parties, folks are eager to update the world about their whereabouts within seconds! And these digital photo booths are going to be no less than a treat!

Digital photo booths allow you to upload pictures to your social media profiles instantly. All that you, as a host, need to ensure is that you create hashtags specific to your event!




Abide by these party trends and you are sure to be the best host in 2018!


Source: Party Vapours

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