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What can be more upsetting than ruining your big day because of a bad choice of footwear? In this article, we’ll be telling you about the most common mistakes that brides make when shopping for their wedding footwear.

Buying footwear that doesn’t complement your dress:

As a matter of fact, the shoes you choose play a large part in your overall look. When you do not research enough to know what kind of footwear goes with what kind of dress, you may actually end up dressed like a blunder on your big day. So, it is best to buy your wedding shoes before your dress fittings. It’s the length of your dress that should decide whether you should buy heels or flats.




Choosing style over comfort:

Though it’s obvious that you would want to look your best self on your D-day. But what’s the point choosing footwear that looks stylish but doesn’t make you feel comfortable? Instead of going for something that looks great, you should pick something that makes you feel like yourself. Also, make sure to buy shoes that fit you and are not a little bit too tight.



Not breaking in your wedding shoes:

Wearing your wedding shoes straight away on the big day without any prior practice sessions is the biggest mistake you can make! Instead, you should consider wearing them around the house on the carpeted floor as breaking in wedding shoes is a must. This will help break the tightness of the shoes and let you enjoy the most beautiful moments in your life.



Compromising on price:

Going crazy about shoe sale is yet another mistake to be avoided. Just because you are getting those beautiful shoes at a cheaper price doesn’t mean they’ll do. You need to know that cheaper shoes lack the padding and freedom of movement that quality shoes have.




Not having an extra pair:

Though you’ve got the most comfortable pair of wedding shoes it might be a bit difficult to dance with them. Also, you wouldn’t want giving up that dance session just because you are tired. So, it’s best to get something you can dance all night in.




Neglecting pedicure session:

This one goes without saying. Being the bride you’ll be the centre of attraction. Especially for the photographers who love to capture every minute detail. So, avoid skipping the pedicure sessions if you want to look stunning on your big day.





Keep these important tips in mind and avoid the biggest footwear mistakes if you really wish to make your D-day memorable for yourself and everyone else!


Source: Party Vapours

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