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No matter whether a girl is able to pull off that perfect winged eyeliner look, applying kohl or liner on a regular basis is more like a part of life. Isn’t it the same with you? And I am sure you’ve been doing it for a long time now.

Are you sure you’ve been doing it correctly all this while?

Not sure?

Okay, here’s a list of some of the most common mistakes that you may have been committing all these years without even realizing. Read on and decide how wrong you’ve been all this while!

Tugging at your skin around the eyes:

This is something that a majority of the girls do! Whenever it’s time to apply the eyeliner, they stand in front of the mirror and stretch the skin around the skin. All this is done in an attempt to get a straight line over the eyelid.

What if I tell you that’s not going to help you to get that perfect eyeliner look?

You ask me why?

Well, that’s because your eyelid is not a canvas. It’s made up of flesh that’s flexible. so, each time you pull and then release your eye, it bounces back and so does your eyeliner!

What’s the solution to this problem you ask? Well, the best way to apply it its to look down into the mirror, lift your head slightly and then apply the liner with a free hand without pulling your skin.




Darkening the lower lash line:

This is yet another mistake that most of us tend to make every now and then. This mistake is often overlooked due to the fact that many of us prefer dramatic looks.

It may be possible that you just love deeper and bolder looks. But there are several other ways to achieve that. Darkening your lower lash line after you have applied eyeliner doesn’t help create the desired dramatic look. It instead causes your eyes to look smaller.

So, try to avoid going overboard with the lining of your waterline until and unless you want your eyes to look small and droopy.




Using blunt pencil eyeliner:

How often do you shave your pencil eyeliner?

Once a week or once in two weeks?

Or do you wait for the pencil liner to get down to its nub?

Well, if that’s what you are used to doing, you, my friend, are restricting yourself from achieving that precise winged liner! That’s because a blunt pencil liner will always give you thicker lines while a sharpened one will help you to apply it precisely.

So, it’s advisable to sharpen your pencil eyeliner each time you use it so as to get the desired results.




Applying mascara before eyeliner:

Girl, stop doing that at once!

If you do that, you are never going to get that perfect look you’ve always desired!

That’s because a mascara has a volumizing and texturizing nature. So, when you apply it before your eyeliner it affects your accurate eyeliner application and simply leaves you frustrated!




Closing your eyes while applying eyeliner:

Closing one eye and keeping the other one open to see if you are applying the eyeliner correctly is so lame!

Come on! It’s more like a guessing or a hit or a trial game!

Each time you do that, you may simply end up applying your eyeliner unevenly on both your eyelids. Thereafter, in an attempt to correct it, you spoil it further, don’t you?

So, what can be done?

Well, the correct method is to keep your eyes open. This way, you’ll be able to see the crease at the corner of the eyeballs. This will further help keep your liner even on both sides.




Now that you’ve reached the end of this blog post, can you tell me, how wrong have you been with your eyeliner application all these years?

Hope you never go wrong with the application again (winks)!


Source: Party Vapours

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