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An engagement party is the best way for the would-be couple to announce their upcoming wedding and share their excitement with their close ones. Since it is an important event that marks the beginning of a new phase in their lives, so, it needs to be celebrated ideally. Here’s a list of etiquette related to an engagement party.


It is advisable to throw an engagement party about two months after the engagement has taken place. However, you can decide it depending upon your wedding date, the number of people you want to invite and other such factors.


Ideally, it’s the bride’s family who hosts the party but the couple or their friends may also have some secret plans to be executed. So, the best solution is to have two or more parties: one for relatives and family friends and another for their own friends.


Engagement invitations should be sent out through emails or proper formal invitations if the gathering is a formal one. All you need to make sure is that people who will not be invited to the wedding should not be invited to the engagement party. You may invite immediate family members, close extended family, and your BFFs. Also, avoid using social media to invite your engagement party guests as it might hurt the feelings of others who are not invited.


When it comes to serving your guests, the very first thing to be done is to decide whether you want your guests to have a proper meal at the party or just want to keep it light. Depending on your preference, you can either go for a buffet of little bites or a proper filling meal. In addition to this, if you plan to serve hard alcohol or wine, make sure to have plenty of water, carbs, and other necessities backed up.


When it comes to raising the toast, it’s the bride’s father who invites the guests to raise their glass in honor of the bride-and-groom-to-be. The guests then drink a toast to the happy couple. However, the couple is not supposed to drink at this time. This is followed by the groom-to-be saying a few words, and offering a toast to honor his bride-to-be and her family. Thereafter, other guests may propose toasts to the couple and their family.


Though guests are not expected to bring presents to an engagement party, modern times have seen a change in this trend so far. In case, guests end up handing over their best wishes in the form of presents, just make sure that you unwrap them after the party or away from the crowd.

Make sure you keep this list in mind and tick off all these necessities in the desired order. That’s how you’ll be able to throw an amazing party that your guests will remember for months or may be years!

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