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If you are trying to grow your hair to get that perfect look for your BFF’s wedding, you have ended up at the right place. Here is a list of the best hair care tips to grow out your hair within no time:

Follow a healthy diet:

This is the very first step towards “Rapunzel-like hair”! Nothing can affect your body as much as your diet. Therefore, in order to keep your hair moisturized and healthy, it is mandatory to stay hydrated. It helps to eliminate toxins from your body and helps in hair growth. Also, including more fruits and vegetables in your diet helps strengthen your hair strands from the inside-out.




Wash your hair less often:

Try washing your hair less often. Avoid silicon-based shampoos as they can damage your hair. If you have oily hair, you can consider washing your hair every alternate day. The basic idea behind shampooing your hair less is to enable your scalp to balance itself out over time and stop producing much sebum.




Keep it loose:

Tying your hair tightly into a pony or a bun can weaken the follicles and lead to loss and breakage. So, consider opting for loose and low hairstyles that keep your hair relaxed, laid down and facilitate hair growth.




Go for head massages:

Head massages can soothe your scalp like nothing else. So, make it a habit of treating yourself to soothing head massage twice or thrice a week. A head massage is the best way to boost your circulation and nurture your hair so as to grow long, beautiful locks.




Protect your hair:

Sun exposure can make your hair dull and dry. It can weaken out your strands and hinder your hair growth. So, avoid leaving your hair uncovered when going out. Wear a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from the harsh effect of sun exposure.




Replace your cotton pillowcase:

You may be shocked to know that your cotton pillowcase tends to make your hair more prone to breakage, as cotton is a rough fabric. The damage caused by such a pillowcase can make your hair dull and frizzy. So, consider replacing cotton with a softer fabric.





Get your hair trimmed regularly:

We are not asking you to chop off your hair every month. Just snipping off the ends at regular intervals helps take care of split ends and helps your hair grow long and strong.





Follow these tips religiously and see the results yourself!


Source: Party Vapours


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