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Office Makeup Tips For A Perfect Look



Proficient and professional look in office is essential. It doesn’t mean barefaced tame looks. Strike the right balance with the following tips for the perfect look for the office. 

Basic rules for office makeup are:

(i) Makeup should be permanent so that you don’t need to brush up every now and then.

(ii) It should make you feel good and comfortable.

(iii) It should be tedious as you don’t have much time in the morning to prepare for office.

(iv) It should only accentuate your natural beauty.

v) Prefer light colors. Dark colors if not applied correctly tend to flash minor elements during daylight.

(vi) Avoid heavy makeup during summers. Keep it light as it will get smudged.

Start your day with a clean face- Apply a good quality cleanser and rinse your face first thing in the morning. Avoid hot showers as it will leave your skin dry and blistering; not the perfect backdrop for makeup.

Moisturizer: Makeup looks better on the fresh and hydrated skin, consider applying a non-greasy moisturizer with SPF-15 for best results.

Eyes are important- Keep your eye makeup simple yet charismatic. Line the lower lid with a kajal, choose neutral shades of black, grey or brown. Glitter eye shadow colors are a big no for office.

Cheeks– Prefer earthy gold tones for cheeks to look neutral in fluorescent lights. Pink shades are a big no for office makeup. Women with dark skin tone can consider browns, terracotta and maroon shades.

Beautify your lips- Apply a neutral shade of tinted lip gloss and keep the shade subtle. Fill in the lipstick with a brush to get the perfect finish. If you like applying lipstick, go for medium tones, such as brown, mochas or peach shades. Prevent using shimmer shades for lips.


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