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Best Baby Shower Themes For 2018



Birth of another child is a great occasion for having a party. In case you’re arranging a “Baby Shower”, we’ve chosen the best from our wonderful range of baby shower supplies. Here are few.

Hot Air Balloon Theme




Hot air balloons look charming in the baby shower theme and are one of the best options. We especially adore these hot air balloon hanging decorations and white pom poms (that look alike clouds).

Interesting Gender Reveal Party   




The next best baby shower theme is a gender reveal party. The fun of this baby shower theme is that nobody knows the gender of your baby, and you gather all your loved ones around for this lovely announcement.

Keep your guests guessing whether it’s a girl or a boy baby through shower supplies like you could give everyone “Team Boy” and “Team Girl” hats or glasses to wear according to what they think the baby will be!

Elephant Baby Decorations  




Another of our most lovable baby shower theme will be elephants! This lovable scope of Umbrellaphants party supplies blends blue and dark silverware and enhancements and can be made significantly more jazzy with blue and white fan adornments and pom poms.

Woodland Baby Shower 




Woodland is another one of our favorite themes – it’s cute, gender-neutral and baby woodland creatures mixed pastel colors make an absolutely adorable party theme. Take a look at our Woodland Baby party supplies for more inspiration for this theme.

Tiny Feet Baby Theme




Tiny Feet baby shower theme is an excellent way to welcome and cherish the sound of tiny feet. We particularly love the pram-shaped glass decorations from this precious stock.

Love In Bloom 




The theme is based on who shared their love for nature and flowers. The baby shower will be bright and bold in a vibrant palette of pinks, coral, and turquoise with mother’s favorite flowers. Floral themed details appeared throughout the shower in fun ways, like the flower headbands given to guests, edible flowers in the risotto, and place cards personalized for each individual with a flower related to their interests or background.



Source: Party Vapours


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